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题目:I want to be a volunteer of the 2010 Asian Games

正文:The 2010 Asian Games is around the corner in GuangZhou.As a middle school student,I want to be a volunteer not only because I'm proud of it but also because I want to make a good impression on those athletes from different countries of Asia.If I was elected,I would keep order of the audiences,help and receive the foreign athletes and so on.In order to be a thoughtful volunteer,I must make some preparation.I'll catch time by the forelock to study English and another foreign language at least.Besides,I'll take part in the training for the volunteers to learn some hospitality and know the stadiums and gymnasiums well to help those who are not clear.I believe that I can be a qualified colunteer.



The 31st Summer Universiade, also known as the 2021 Cheng Summer Universiade, is a global multi-sport event organized by the International University Sports Federation. The competition will take place from August 18 to 29, 2021 in Cheng, Sichuan Province, China and is expected to attract approximately 10,000 university athletes from over 160 countries and regions. The event features 18 major sporting events and 270 sub-events, including traditional sports such as athletics, swimming, basketball, football, as well as emerging sports like rock climbing and judo. The Cheng Summer Universiade aims to promote exchanges and friendship among university students worldwide, showcase China's excellent urban image and rich cultural heritage, and prepare for the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in China.


2021年第31届夏季大学生运动会(2021 Cheng Summer Universiade),简称成都大运会,是由国际大学生体育联合会主办的一项全球性大型综合性体育赛事。









Lively cheers games, Hsien-Hsiung Wei trade students. In this clear and crisp in November, we greet the autumn sunlight, along with the harvest season, ushered in a lively seventh wonderful school sports.

The Games, a total of 455 students in our school participated in 9 projects competition. Early in the morning, teachers and students arrived at the stadium, some of them arranged the venue, and some finishing garments, some are located sports equipment, too busy to track the original silent suddenly excited.

8:00 With the Games officially announced the beginning of each class followed by admission to the ranks of marching parade performances. At this point march suddenly sounded, one after another a class rank of neat formation, dance props set great strides in coming to the podium. Everyone in their bright clothes, smiling, hold our heads up, demonstrating the unique vitality of youth and vitality. The performances of these classes strengths and weaknesses, and some formation varied, and some clothing brightest, and some neat moves, and some arrangement was new, their graceful dance to attract everyone's attention. Props in the hands of these students can be described as great variety, variety. Some, and the dynamic music, holding a pair of chopsticks beating out the rhythm of sonorous; some flapping the ball like a cheerful bright wizard; some dress swayed, holding a dance fan, to draw a beautiful arc Road, and some Qiyuxuanang , hand-held gun salute in the air emitted by colorful fireworks. Their performance to the entire stint of the many splendours of color games, like spring flowers, summer sunshine, with a cool autumn wind blow against our faces, so that the presence of teachers and students are all touched, and are all delighted. It is understood that the road parade costumes and props used in many of them are the students themselves to select and purchase, and they show the formation and movement are also explored and arrangement of their own. This is totally reflects the student's enthusiasm and longing for the Games, but also fully demonstrated their ability to act independently and strong organizational skills.

When the road team, after all the admission, what follows are Guangbo Cao game. Accompanied by "The times are calling" the melody, all the students and upright, full of energy, rhythm accuracy, movement in place effective. In their faces, we see the youth of the atmosphere, the value of youth, the vitality of youth, it seems to be in the new era calls a better future.

9:30 When the General Assembly proclaimed the sports officially began, the entire stadium suddenly boiling up and cheer sound come and go, an endless stream. Look at track and field athletes, one by one, such as correction of rabbit-like fly a starting point, like a lever for-like rush towards finish, attracted the presence of the audience excited. Regardless of whether the player won the first, they will get the audience praise and encouragement. Because in the hearts of the audience, these athletes have played out of an unyielding, tenacious spirit of sport, they are sporting heroes, trade schools, "Liu Xiang." The women's 800 meters and men's 1,500 m is a test of stamina and perseverance of the project players. Although it not as good as sprinter as exciting, exciting, but it definitely makes moving more than sprint. In the game, players have to face not only the physical test, but also the psychological test. Athletes participating in the project truly reflects the hard work, never admit defeat the spirit of the movement, it gives us the feeling of accomplishment than to be rich in many.

Look at that track and field athletes, but also everybody gearing up, not lying down. High jump, long jump athlete in order to get better results, fight every effort, even if the failure is not to give up. Goals and together they face a strong pace, jumped again and again. This ever go beyond the spirit of self-enormous personal wealth, but also in the future be able to go farther and higher solid foundation. The players participated in shot put competition, more investment and further and further away results. In their hands as if shot into a wish full of hope ball, constantly chasing their own dreams.

Competition has been extended to the afternoon, teachers and students did not diminish the enthusiasm high. Until the relay final gunshot, the current Games in the joint efforts of teachers and students, the successful completion of various events, smoothly lowered to a close. The Games, then the largest in history, a total of 9 projects generate winners, there is one person to break the school record, one who tied a school record, access to male and female groups, respectively 03F2 class championship courses and 04 international business  3 classes . After watching them win the smiling faces filled with happiness, I feel that students in the sporting spirit in the trade show was glance.


Sport is the building of spiritual civilization is an important component of national quality, people's spiritual outlook of the concentrated expression. Games is not only the level of inspection and school physical ecation and quality of student youth style shows, test the concrete practice of physical and psychological, but also the reform of school ecation and career development of a comprehensive stage for performances. It is a physical exercise, the activation of life, promote the personality and vigor, and gains the smiles and mental outlook. Games for all players at this tournament out of results, race out of style, carry forward the friendship first, competition second the spirit of the game looking for more glory and dreams, in the race to create more beautiful and brilliant.


Hello,everyone!The 26th universiade will be held in August in Shenzhen.Let’s me tell you some thing about it. First of all.Let’s come back to the history of the universiade.The fitst universiade was held in Turin, Italy.Beijing had once hosted universiade .So far,the universiade has been held for 25times. The mascot of the 26th universiade is UU.UU is very cute.Her eyes are small ,like two commas.It has a smile on her face .It means happy and sweet.Her body is colorful.It means youth and full of vigor.I’m so happy whenever I see her. Start Here is the universiade slogan.Start Here is easy to read .You can get many ideas. In my mind ,universiade is full of love ,harmony and health.Let’ hope the universiade be better and better.



Shenzhen is a beautiful city, it will held the 26th Universiade on August 12th 2011. As shenzhen people,what can we do? we should help shenzhen From little things. For example,Clean our Community, do volunteer work in the street. When we saw the road has rubbish, we should pick it up;When somebody is spiting,we should prevent.We should study English to help foreigner.We should keep smiling to welcome foreigner.If everybody make effort of Universiade,shenzhen universiade will be very successful!


Shenzhen will held the 26th Universiade, as the host of shenzhen,Do you know about shenzhen and the Shenzhen Universiade? Shenzhen Developmented in 1979, it's the first Special Economic Zone in China, is the forth largest city in China.Shenzhen apply Universiade successfully in 2007.The 2011 shenzhen Universiade will heid in August 12th began and will end in 23th.It has 63 gyms,5 kinds of contest.FISU founded in 1919 and Universiade held every two years


竞选2011大运会志愿者 英语作文

Hi! my name is Wangzheng, I want to be a Shenzhen University Sports Federation's volunteer.To make the dream become true. I need to improve my English speking, join the XXXXX actively and take more exercise.

把题目翻译了一遍 = =、、


Dear sir


I saw the news that the 2001 Universiade would recruit volunteers.

I am here writing to apply for the post of volunteers in the 2011 Universiade.My name is Li Ming.Iam a sixeen-year-old student in middle school.Ihave learned English for 9 years.What's more,I got the first price in the school English Speech Contest in 2009.I m able to speak English clearly ang fluently.In addition,I have been a member of Shenzhen Volunteer Association for 3 years.And the Universiade will be held in August,2011.I will be on summer vocation at that time.So I can serve 7 days at least ring the Universiade.Moreover,I like to help others.Iam pleasant and hard-working.I am looking forward to getting your reply.

Yours sincerely

Li Ming


The Universiade

The Universiade, often referred to as the World University Games, is an international multi-sport event organized for university athletes by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The competitions are held every two years and feature athletes from over 170 countries.

The Universiade is an important event for university athletes as they have the opportunity to compete against fellow university athletes from all over the world. The event also serves as a platform for promoting ecation and sports for all, and encourages young people to participate in sports.

The first Universiade was held in 1959 in Turin, Italy, and featured athletes from 43 countries. Since then, the event has grown in size and popularity, with the most recent Universiade held in 2019 in Naples, Italy, with over 9,000 athletes participating in 18 different sports.